This is a NEW ACTIVE Sport Bike Group seeking ACTIVE riders, that will more than likely take off into a MC. This Group is open to ALL levels of Riders. We should remember we were all beginners once. We will be leaving out the EGOs or how fast you can take it.. This will be for the love of the ride and about the members since they are what makes a group or MC complete and successful. There will be a few requirements for this group: 
1.) Commit to at least 2 rides a month.
2.) Participate in chat on the discussion board.
3.) If you are gonna be out for a bit, let the Leaders know so that we understand what is going on.

We all have families and jobs so these things are excusable. Sometimes our jobs and family plans can get in the way of our riding. This group won't be just about riding, it will also be like and extension of your family. We will eventually plan family nights out so you can bring the other halves and kiddos. Barbeques and just fun stuff. We are hoping you feel this group will be like family to you as well....

Also we have safety going on as well. We all have our responsibility of safety on our rides. MINIMAL gear will be Helmet, Gloves, and Regular Shoes. In the Hot Summers of Texas, I myself dont wear a jacket at times. But if going on twisties, I do wear ALL gear, meaning Helmet, Jacket, Gloves, Jeans, Knee Pads and Boots... FOR SAFETY>>>> I cant preach about safety enough, but we all know what we do is dangerous, and left up to everyone as a individual to be safe...

Our Mission

We are mainly here to have fun on 2 wheels, grow as a family, and watch out for each other as well. Hope to see you at the next event!!


Info on Becoming a Member:

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